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Loups Garous de Thiercelieux (French)

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Designer : Philippe des Pallières, Hervé Marly
Artist : Philippe des Pallières, Hervé Marly, Alexios Tjoyas
Publisher: Himself
Numbers of players : 8 to 18
Age : 8 years old and +
Playing Time : 30 minutes
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TricTrac (French)


The Wolves of Thiercelieux, a Thiercelieux atmosphere game is a pretty little village in the East, well away from winds and cold, nestled between charming forests and good pastures. The inhabitants of Thiercelieux are affable peasants, happy with their tranquility and proud of their work. But now this peaceful life has been troubled for some time by incessant attacks of werewolves. The inhabitants of the village must react before all of them.

The Wolves of Thiercelieux, a bluff game behind the idyllic decor of this little hamlet, hides a formidable bluff game. The Wolves of Thiercelieux is a mood game, almost a mini role-playing game where two camps compete. The villagers on one side and the werewolves on the other. The story is chaperon by a master of the game who makes it the story.

At the start of the game, each player receives a role card. But beware, it should not be revealed to the other participants. The objectives of each camp are antagonists. Wolves must eat the villagers, while the latter must kill the wolves to defend themselves.

The Wolf-Garous of Thiercelieux, a game mechanic in two phases

A part takes place in two phases. A night phase, where werewolves, without revealing themselves, must designate a player to devour it. And a day phase, where the villagers, who have just discovered the victim last night, debate to designate a scapegoat to sacrifice it.

The Wolves-Garous of Thiercelieux, a game with twists and turns

Several special roles among the villagers come to enhance history. We find there:

Cupid: designates two lovers whose fate is linked. If one dies, the other too.

The hunter: when he dies, this character has the opportunity to kill a last person.

The little girl: has the ability to look at what's going on at night.

The clairvoyant: can know the role of other players.

The witch: has a life potion and a death potion.

The captain: Elected by the other villagers, his vote has double. Designates his successor when he dies.

The thief: has the possibility of changing role.