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Free shipping: Quebec City and Montreal for orders of more than 100$, Other regions of Quebec for order more than 125$, Ontario for order more than 150$.

Les Montagnes Hallucinées (French)

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Designer : Rob Daviau
Artist : MIGUEL COIMBRA, Rob Daviau
Publisher: Iello
Numbers of players : 3 to 5
Age : 12 years old and +
Playing Time : 60 to 90 minutes
More Info :

Boardgamegeek (English)


Will you overcome your madness?

Antarctica, in the 1930s. An expedition team discovered a mountain range which until then was unknown. Faced with their thirst for adventure, they can't help but explore them and go up ever higher in order to reach the top of the highest mountain. But what they don't know is that this quest may lead them to their loss. Because many secrets are hidden in this hostile nature, and madness will gradually take hold of them. They believed to live a historic moment but it is in a nightmare that our explorers are rushing.

Game principle:

You join this shipping team and, all together, you are looking to reach the top of this mountain range and then escape it. To win, you will have to have collected during your ascent at least as many relics as injuries. You start the game on the coast. Return the meeting tile that materializes the place where you decided to continue the excursion. Using the equipment cards of all players, try to achieve the objectives given by the tile. If they are affected, you can win different bonuses that will help you move forward in your quest (for example: treating yourself, observing other places) or relics. Be careful, a relic found automatically gives you madness. If on the contrary you fail, launch the dice and, according to the result, inflict injury or new penalties. Unless you prefer to avoid chance and take new follies to hope to win the game. Between the whispering of one, the ban on using your thumbs on the other or the strange acts of some, will you manage to understand your teammates when resolving the objectives of each meeting tile? Gradually climb these mountains, face your follies, try to accumulate the maximum of relics in order to cancel your injuries during the final count and especially flee!

Strong points :

  • A cooperative game in the world of Lovcraft, the creator of Cthulhu
  • Games where communication between players is crucial but constrained
  • Completely wacky follies attributed to players who give a crazy side to the play atmosphere