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Free shipping: Quebec City and Montreal for orders of more than 100$, Other regions of Quebec for order more than 125$, Ontario for order more than 150$.

Fyfe (English)

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Designer : Kosch
Artist : Lukas Siegmon
Publisher: Pegasus spiele
Numbers of players : 2 to 5
Age : 10 years and +
Playing Time : 30 to 45 minutes
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Boardgamegeek (English)


The blanket of the Fyfe shows a dreamed place of the southern seas with a blue sea, a beach and palm trees-but what will you find by digging in the sand, and can you organize your discoveries in ideal notation combinations?

Each player has their own 5x5 grid, 7 lucky tiles, and 15 rating tables. The game includes 125 tokens, with each token showing one of the five colors, one of the five symbols, and one of the five numbers (1-5). The rating tables show the conditions that you must fulfill in order to gain the points listed on this table, for example, the figures 1-5 in order, tokens of the same color, tokens with different symbols, three tokens of A color and two tokens of another color, etc.

To start the game, pull two chips from the bag and place them at the bottom of your game tray. Place one of these tokens in an empty space of your grid, then choose a scoring board and place it in the row , the column or (if applicable) the diagonal line in which this token was placed. At each next round, draw a token, place it on your game tray, then choose one of your two tokens to place. If this newly placed token does not have a pointing table pointing to it, choose one of your unplugged pointing tables and place it in the line, column or diagonal.

As soon as a line is filled with five tokens, if you have fulfilled the conditions on the pointing table for this line, turn it over on the side that displays the points; If you are the first and the only player to complete this pointing table this tower, take the associated bonus tile of 3 points. If you finish and mark several lines on the same round, take 5-20 bonus points depending on whether you have scored two, three, or even four lines at a time.

If someone drew a lucky token at the start of the round, they draw a replacement token, then all players can choose to use and throw one of their lucky tiles. These tiles allow you to exchange the tokens in your reserve, place a token on the set like a joker, exchange a rating tray already filled for another, and so on. Each unused lucky tile is worth points at the end of the game. After 25 laps, the players count their points for the rating tables, the first tiles, the lucky charm tiles, and the bonuses to see who has the best scoring .