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Free delivery: Quebec City and Montreal for order of more than $100, Other Quebec regions for order of more than $125, Ontario for order of more than $150.

Trickerion: Dawn of technology (French)

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Designer : Richard Amann, Viktor Peter, Dávid Turczi
Artist : Tamás Baranya, Villő Farkas, Márton gyula kiss, Levent Rückert
Publisher: Super meeple
Numbers of players : 1 to 4
Age : 14 years old and +
Playing Time : 60 to 240 minutes
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Dawn of Technology contains two modules for trickerion: the contracts and signature Tricks.

Thanks to the recent technological achievements of Magoria, magicians can now improve their workshops with up to four devices, unique at their magic school. The devices can be assembled as a workshop action, for the cost of 1 piece per machine already in place. They can be used at any time during the turn of a player by turning them towards their inactive side, and by receiving a bonus based on the player's magic school - in the example above, the mechanical machine, The generator, feeds the city with electricity, the compensation of its owner a regular income of parts.

Each machine has a more powerful effect than the one below. At the end of a tour, each machine with enough shards next to it can be reactivated and used again in the next round - this follows the principle similar to the module Magician powers (which is playable with the vehicles). The higher level vehicles are so breathtaking that simply reactivating them will allow you to gain a certain reputation!

The Contractions module includes 16 contracts with 4 unique illustrations, printed on 3 mm black cardboard, and 4 card extensions.

When you learn a trick from your own school, you can choose to learn your signature trick instead (if you reach your renowned threshold). Each signature tower "improves" an original set, for example, Professor Bernard can learn his Legendary Shark Tank signature tour instead of the "ordinary" escape of the water tank. If a signature lap is learned, the standard version is withdrawn from the presentation. And if an opponent has already learned its standard version, your signature tower no longer has a Fame Threshold!

Signature Tricks have the same component requirements as their standard version, but they also require work to operate: the higher their Fame threshold, the more you need to use vehicles when you prepare them. However, in return, not only do these tricks have better numbers (higher yield, more markers Trick, etc.), but they also have a special power: for example, the Legendary Shark Tank markers can be aligned freely in The theater, which means that you will always be able to create links with it.

This extension is contained in the collector's edition and will also be available by itself, at least on the publisher's website.